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#069: Dean Wareham - Anesthesia

This is the copy of Anesthesia I bought in early 1992, although I’ve already covered how relieved I was when it came out, in the entry on the CD copy I bought later.

Dean Wareham - Anesthesia single
Dean Wareham - Anesthesia single

This was certainly bought before I saw Luna at The Underworld on their first visit to London in 1992 because I remember Justin saying “thanks for coming out, without having a record” during the gig… and thinking… “well… I sort of do have a record”.

I always get a bit confused by the sleeve of this… I can’t see the woman’s face when I’m holding the record, only when I see it from across the room, or in photographs. A ghost. I’m not sure she’s there until I move away!

So… since I’ve covered all that let’s talk about Tomato Poodle.

Anesthesia and I Can’t Wait were recorded during the Fun City sessions by Wharton Tiers in July 1991 and both were later re-recorded by Luna for their first album. Tomato Poodle however:

  • doesn’t get a mention on the sleeve.
  • isn’t on the No.6 release of Anesthesia.
  • doesn’t put in an appearance on the Luna Demos bandcamp release.
  • or on the Luna Demos LP release.
  • or on the deluxe Lunapark double LP.
  • doesn’t (to my ears) appear to have developed into anything else.

Nope - its only appearance is here, tucked on the b-side of this 12” single, and the third track on the CD version, oh and on they Mint Humbucker compilation of Mint/Jungle releases (which I’ll come to later).

OK, it is just some Dean Wareham noodling but lets face it, Dean noodling is not really just anything.

I can’t remember where I bought this - I’m thinking Selectadisc, almost certainly a West End record shop, shortly after release.

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 12/021
  • Artist: Dean Wareham
  • Title: Anesthesia
  • Notes:
  • Packaging: Card
  • Format: 12” single

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