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Luna's first London show, 27th February 1992

Luna - The Underworld, 27th February 1992 (advert)
Luna - The Underworld, 27th February 1992 (advert)

OK, I’ve shared this plenty of times before, but what’s the harm in sharing it again - it’s a good memory!

In 1991 Galaxie 500 split. I was heartbroken, and a little baffled. I had no idea of the ins and outs - I only became aware of the true sadness of the split many years later - but the brief Melody Maker news item was sad enough and hinted that things were not amicable.

A month or so later Damon & Naomi released the Pierre Etoile 12” and some time after that Dean’s Anesthesia 12” arrived - and both started to put my mind at ease. While Galaxie 500 were no more - all three still had something special to offer.

On 27 February 1992 Luna played in London at the Underworld (a room in the basement of the World’s End pub in Camden). Ken, Stuart, Graham and myself went along. Arriving with a little trepidation, unsure of what Dean had to offer, and unsure if folk would turn out to see whatever it was.

Now, not many shows stick in my head as clearly as this one - this is what I remember of the evening:

  • One of the support bands (Winterset) had Gina Morris, journalist and one-time Stereolab member, guest on a track. They also distributed free 7” singles - not their own, but some they’d obviously picked up in bulk in a second-hand shop somewhere. After an online reminiscence I was contacted by a member of Winterset - which was nice. You can hear lots of demos of them here and a bit more info here.
  • I had recently acquired a Sony Walkman Pro and this was the first show I taped with it - set-up all wrong, the recording was awful - except for the encore after I fiddled with the settings.
  • Grasshopper of Mercury Rev played guitar (this was before Sean joined the band)
  • Luna played Beat Happening’s Indian Summer - I was unaware that Dean had a little history with the song so it came as a pleasant surprise!
  • Two Galaxie 500 songs!
  • I left reassured that things looked like they were going to be just fine.

Here’s my recording of the show - far from perfect but… mine all the same. Also included is the Winterset track I recorded, the one with Gina Morris guesting.

And here’s Joe’s recording, far better, and with Joe yelling, unsuccessfully for Tugboat in the encore.