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Recent acquisition #03: Naomi Yang - Never Be a Punching Bag for Nobody

Last week while Damon & Naomi were in the UK for their first UK tour since 2019 I caught them for a lovely afternoon show at Cafe Oto - I loitered around afterwards for a few minutes to chat with Damon while Naomi worked the merch table.

Naomi Yang - Never Be a Punching Bag for Nobody
Naomi Yang - Never Be a Punching Bag for Nobody

I sidled over to chat to her once the queue had dwindled to the last couple of folk, grabbed a selfie, thanked profusely, and left. It seems my hasty departure was perhaps a bit too hasty since later that evening I got a message from Naomi: “I brought a copy of the CDR of the soundtrack to give you and forgot to!”

I arrived back in Whitley Bay on Tuesday evening, on Wednesday morning an envelope landed on the doormat addressed in Naomi’s beautiful and distinctive handwriting and inside was a card and a CDR.

‘The soundtrack’ was, of course, that of her recent, and very lovely film Never Be a Punching Bag for Nobody presented in a brown card package, tied up with string (one of my favourite things). If you haven’t yet you should probably head over to Bandcamp to check out the album, it is a gorgeous, spacious, entrancing, instrumental album, created to accompany the film, but one that works just fine as a stand-alone piece.

You can still stream the film for the price of a few cups of coffee† over on Vimeo, and I’d highly reccomend it.

† The “cup of coffee” is one of Hazel’s favourite currency units, one that is used to justify the purchase of many treats!