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A Head Full of Wishes is a site for Galaxie 500, Luna, Damon & Naomi, Dean & Britta and Dean Wareham. With news, articles and lists of releases and past and future shows.

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20th June 2019 - Sonic Cathedral Social Service playlist

This is a playlist of tracks I played at the Sonic Cathedral Social Service night for the launch of Luna’s Something in the Air as part of the Sonic Cathedral Singles Club.

You can listen to it on Mixcloud

  • Luna - Something In The Air
  • The Feelies - Slipping Into Something
  • Maggie Cheung - Strawberry Stain
  • Kickstand - Cosmic Kid
  • The Pastels - Rough Riders
  • Seablite - Heart Mountain
  • Sugar Plant - Orange Filter
  • The Velvet Underground - Friends
  • Mercury Rev - Car Wash Hair
  • Britta Phillips - One Fine Summer Morning
  • Seam - Kernel
  • Tacoma Radar - Pilot House
  • Angel Corpus Christi - I Want Everything
  • Las Ligas Menores - Fotos
  • Galaxie 500 - Snowstorm