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#031: The Pastels - Illumination

Illumination was the second album by The Pastels that Dean guested on - the sleeve notes aren’t kind enough to tell who appeared on what track so I guess you have to listen closely! For some reason I’ve shared Rough Riders when I’ve written about this before - I must have known that from somewhere?

The Pastels - Illumination
The Pastels - Illumination

Illumination is a fantastic album that I don’t listen to enough… maybe my favourie album by The Pastels (and not just because Dean’s on it).

There’s a cool interview with some of the main players from around the 20th anniversary of the album by French magazine Soul Kitchen (it is available in both French and English). I’ve pinched Dean’s bit…

SK: How did you meet The Pastels?
Dean: We met backstage at a Galaxie 500 show in Glasgow, must have been 1990, I think it was at the College of Printing and Building.
SK: How easy was your recording process of your guitar and your vocals?
Dean: I think I was in the studio just one day, or two days at most. Recording the guitars was quick, recording my backing vocal was harder.
SK: What’s your best memory of this recording process?
Dean: I remember it was sunny in Glasgow and I remember drinking Scotch with Katrina and Stephen.
SK: What’s your favorite song of this LP?
Dean: Probably “Viaduct” — so sad and pretty, seems like it’s a song about being in a band, I love the lyrics:
were we ever inspired / just for a moment / or is this our life? / slackness in the blackness…. can’t you see I’m trying to tell you? / We’ve paid our dues

There’s a lovely pic of all the album’s collaborators which lived on Jonathan Kilgour’s near-official website back in the day!

Illumination collabs (photo: Will Bradley)
Illumination collabs (photo: Will Bradley)

I’ve listed all the names on this history lesson post from 2008.

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 10/152
  • Artist: The Pastels
  • Title: Illumination
  • Notes:
  • Packaging: Jewel case
  • Format: CD
  • Bought in a shop somewhere back then, could have been anywhere!