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A History Lesson #2 - Illumination

I grabbed a handful of CDs from the Ps this morning...amongst which was a bunch of Pastels albums and while listening to them this picture popped into my head and I headed off to hunt it down. It lived for a long time on Jonathan Kilgour's almost official Pastels website which is thankfully still available for perusal thanks to the Wayback Machine. It's a photo of...

[the] folks [who] contributed in various ways and to varying degrees to the making of the new Pastels L.P. Illumination

The Patsels and contributors
Photo by: unknown Will Bradley

From L-R...
Bill Wells: (Bill Wells Octet) keyboard / arrangements; Gregor Reid: (Cinema) engineer / co-producer; Sarah Ward: flute; Ian Carmichael: (One Dove) co-producer; Aggi: bass, vocals; Dean Wareham: (Luna) guitar / backing vocals; Stephen Pastel: guitar, vocals; Jonathan Kilgour: guitar; Norman Blake: (Teenage Fanclub) guitar, harmonies; Katrina Mitchell: drums, vocals, melodica, keyboard etc. Gerard Love (Teenage Fanclub) guitar.