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Audio: 13 Most Beautiful... the missing mixes

When Dean & Britta released the double CD of tracks from 13 Most Beautiful it came packed with lots of remixes but in the selection a couple of un-remixed tracks were missed out. Britta has kindly passed on the two missing tracks and you can now download them from here.

Nico - I'll Keep It With Mine
Nico - I'll Keep It With Mine

While the CD contained two versions of I’ll Keep It With Mine, both were remixes by Scott Hardkiss, which meant that the version that had been used on the DVD didn’t make the cut, this is quite significantly different in that (amongst the other changes) the remixes had processed Britta’s vocal track.

The version of Richard Rheem Theme that made it onto the CD package was a version remixed by Sonic Boom which was longer and gets a beat towards the end making it also quite different to the version released on the 2008 DVD.