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Happy 80th birthday Bob Dylan from AHFoW

So - his Bobness reaches 80 - here’s a few times he’s touched A Head Full of Wishes over the years.

Luna -- Bob -- Ted Croner
Luna -- Bob -- Ted Croner

In 2006 Bob released Modern Times in an eerily familiar sleeve - it used the same Ted Croner photo that Luna had used on the insert of Penthouse and on the sleeve of the Chinatown / 23 Minutes in Brussels single released 11 years previously.

Dean & Britta recorded Bob’s I’ll Keep It With Mine for the 13 Most Beautiful project - here’s Nico’s screen test with the Scott Hardkiss remix of the track as released on the DVD…

At the first Terrastock festival in Providence in 1997 Damon & Naomi were joined by Tom Rapp for this wonderful cover of Bob’s I Shall Be Released.

For Luna’s comeback covers album A Sentimental Education, the band covered Most of The Time - here they are soundchecking it in Santander in 2017.

Damon & Naomi released this splendid live version of It’s All Over Now Baby Blue. It was performed with Kurihara and Batoh and released on Grimsey records in 1999.

Around the time she was recording her solo album Britta recorded Bob’s Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright with Dean, Roger Brogan and Raymond Richards - it eventually turned up on a Great Pop Supplement split single with Dean’s cover of Hey Paula on the flip.

This is from Cheval Sombre’s half of the Dean Wareham vs Cheval Sombre album – but Dean’s playing on it so here’s their cover of Tommorow is a Long Time…

… and just because it came up in a search here’s Joakim’s fantastic Bob Dylan story as recounted in his review of Luna’s London shows from 2015

I once met Bob Dylan on the streets of Paris before one of his shows, it was close to the Bastille, where Avenue Daumesnil meets Rue de Lyon. I said hello to him and thanks and good luck tonight Mr Dylan, he was carrying a white box with both hands, I’d like to think it was a cake for his band mates. He stared back, lifted the white box up and made clear the he couldn’t shake my hand, because he was carrying a cake. Didn’t say a word, but that look. I still today can’t let go of that moment, a good moment, but scary. It’s almost the same with Dean. I wonder if Dean’s ever given his bandmates a cake. Joakim Bengtsson - I once met Bob Dylan… (AHFoW, August 2015)