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A Head Full of Wishes review of the year 2018

OK quickly throwing this together - plenty happened this year so check the rest of this site, Facebook and Instagram to fill in the many gaps!


January saw Luna playing a few dates in the US before going quiet for a few months - here they are playing Tiger Lily in Pioneertown in a desert in California:

Meanwhile Damon & Naomi started preparing for a European tour with Thalia Zedek by releasing a video of the three of them covering Leonard Cohen:

I got interviewed about the website and being a fan, for online magazine It’s Psychedlic Baby:

Between Galaxie 500 splitting up in 1991 and me receiving my first email from a Galaxie 500 fan in 1994 or ’95, I thought I was the only Galaxie 500 fan in the world. My friends who’d come to the gigs with me didn’t seem to love them the way I did. Discovering that there were people who missed them as much as I did was a revelation, the Internet opened up to me doorways I could never have imagined, and the key to those doors was Galaxie 500.

Luna also recorded a session for KEXP:


In February the great Tom Rapp passed away, my encounters with Tom were brief, spread out and mostly online - but he always treated me like a friend not a fan. Here he is with Damon & Naomi at the first Terrastock festival in 1997:

Damon & Naomi at Cafe OTO, London, February 2018
Damon & Naomi (London, Feb 2018)

Damon & Naomi arrived in Europe for a pretty extensive tour with Thalia Zedek and paid tribute to Tom by playing Translucent Carriages at the shows. Here they are in Manchester (without Thalia):

Damon about to chat about The New Analog
Damon with Laura Snapes (London, Feb 2019)


In April Luna played some shows filling in some gaps left on their previous couple of US jaunts.


In June Run Out Groove Records announced that there next release would be a double LP release of Lunafied. Previously only available in two different (and incomplete) releases the new LP would include all the covers that had previously been spread over the digital only release and the bonus CD released with the UK Best of Luna.

The album was scheduled for a release at an unspecified time at some point in the future on heavy white vinyl and a gorgeous gatefold sleeve and limited to 2272 copies.


After a long, long wait the first nugget from Dean Wareham’s cowboy songs LP with Cheval Sombre finally saw the light of day. The first single from the album was Dean’s cover of Wayfaring Stranger:

Also in August some Galaxie 500 live video saw the light of day - most of the bands show from 1990 at the Subterania in London - my first Galaxie 500 show and still my fave all time gig!


Luna head to Europe for a bunch of dates including a show at Coimbra which doubled as the release of an LP version of Dean Wareham’s Luna Demos.

Dean Wareham's Luna demos LP arrived this morning. Number 200/200 #nowplaying
Dean Wareham - Luna Demos

Luna played lots of dates in Spain and northern Europe inlcuding their first trip to Sweden for eighteen years - you can stream the full show courtesy of A Strange Fascination on Mixcloud:

Luna at Loppen, Copenhagen
Luna, Copenhagen Sep 2018


In October the Lunafied LP started arriving on peoples turntables - and turned out to be as lovely as promised.

Also The Dean Wareham vs. Cheval Sombre LP also got it’s release on lovely “root beer” coloured vinyl and with some special editions with an additional one-sided, square lathe-cut single.

Dean Wareham vs. Cheval Sombre
Dean Wareham vs. Cheval Sombre


Damon’s fabulous podcast series Ways of Hearing was released as a lossless download via Bandcamp and it was announced that it would be turned into a book to be released by MIT Press in April 2019.

Damon Krukowski - Ways of Hearing
Damon Krukowski - Ways of Hearing

Another track from the Dean vs. Cheval Sombre album gets the video treatment - The Bend in the River is directed by Matthew Buzzell.