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It's Psychedelic Baby interview with... well, me!

It's all about me

Last month Jenell from It's Psychedelic Baby and myself sat down for a chat about all things A Head Full of Wishes. As much as I love to talk about AHFoW it did seem rather odd the idea of me being interesting enough to be interviewed but Jenell was a good interviewer and was happy to let me ramble on.

I finally got the nerve to talk to Dean after the show at LA2 in October 1997. He was really nice, he signed my ticket, and I must have given him my phone number because a few days later I got home from work to find a message from him on my answerphone. Obviously not being there to take the call was the best thing that could have happened, we were both spared an awkward conversation and I have kept that recording of Dean Wareham ringing me up. It’s one of my favourite bits of memorabilia!
The first time I was brave enough to talk to Naomi about Galaxie 500 was after their Terrastock London performance in 1999, and even then I left most of the talking to another fan who didn’t have the anxieties I had. But over the years things became much more relaxed

So if the thought of me wittering on at length about websites, gigs and hobnobbing with heroes then head over to It's Psychedelic Baby for the full interview - I do of course get to mention Motörhead!