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My favourite Galaxie 500 covers #2: La venganza de Cheetara - Way Up High

All the fun of the fair 2

To be honest I only came across La venganza de Cheetara a couple of weeks ago. I know very little about them - here's all of that: They're from Argentina, they're a trio, that's it.

Their cover of Way Up High is a beautifully gentle instrumental version, with brushed drums and gentle keys and carefully picked guitar.

Their latest album, Valles, was released a couple of months ago - you can pay for it on Bandcamp, or get it for free from the label or the Free Music Archive.

<a href='https://www.instagram.com/p/BIj97sbg_OP/'>La venganza de Cheetera by soi_jhomeless on Instagram</a>
La venganza de Cheetera by soi_jhomeless on Instagram