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Some audio, photos and video from Dean Wareham's recent shows

Dean Wareham 53
Photo by Bob Boilen

Over on bittorrent site Dimeadozen, kubacheck has shared a great recording of Firday night's Dean Wareham's show in Washington DC
Bittorrent: Dean Wareham - 2014-04-04: Washington DC

There are also a hatful of photos of the Washington DC show taken by Bob Boilen of NPR over on flickr
Photos: Dean Wareham - 2014-04-04: Washinton DC - Photos by Bob Boilen

Dan has posted a bunch of very splendid videos on YouTube of Dean Wareham's show in Carrboro, NC on Thursday night... I'll post a couple of videos here but head over to YouTube to see the rest:

Video: Dean Wareham - Holding Pattern (2014-04-03: Carrboro, NC)

Video: Dean Wareham - Temperature's Rising (2014-04-03: Carrboro, NC)

Video: Dean Wareham - Tiger Lily (2014-04-03: Carrboro, NC)

You can also see...

Video: Dean Wareham - Indian Summer (2014-04-03: Carrboro, NC)
Video: Dean Wareham - Strange (2014-04-03: Carrboro, NC)
Video: Dean Wareham - Tugboat (2014-04-03: Carrboro, NC)

Some great photos of the show in Atlanta on 1 April by nickmickolas
Photos: Dean Wareham - 2014-04-01: Atlanta - Photos by nickmickolas
Dean Wareham