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Eight years without Luna

Eight years ago Luna played their last ever show at The Bowery Ballroom in New York City, I don't do this every year (in fact i think it might be five years since I commemorated the end of Luna on this site) so here's a little reminder of how Luna finished:

Dean with the Kiwi finger point (photo: Brian Birzer)

The encore:

We played "Indian Summer" for the very last time, and I thought, we're playing it for the last time. I had always enjoyed listening to Sean's beautiful guitar solo, the way he bent certain notes on his Jazzmaster. Tonight I moved stage left, so I could hear it better. Then I counted down to the end, the two notes that go back and forth all through the song, and launched into "23 Minutes in Brussels," which builds to a pounding climax but then falls apart softly and slowly. We exited the stage, and it was a relief to be walking upstairs, knowing that we would not be back the very next night"

The website:
Luna's Last Waltz was a group blog documenting Luna's last weekend - a lot of the pictures have gone AWOL but the site content is still there with fans (mostly me) wittering on about the end. Includes posts from Dean and Britta.

The end:

All over - 28 February 2005 (photo: Pablo Chang)
Homeward bound (photo: Franck Dewannieux)

Britta and I trudged upstairs and out into the snowstorm and hailed a cab at the corner of Bowery and Delancey. It felt good to be heading north.

Dean Wareham - Black Postcards