Audio & Video: The heat is just delicious

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It takes only the tiniest flurry of snow to have me digging out ‘Snowstorm’ or ‘Listen, the Snow Is Falling’ so it seems only fair that after three of four lovely days in London that I should dig out some appropriately sunny songs, so…

First up is this mp3 of In The Sun by Pierre Étoile

The track was later re-recorded, when Pierre Étoile had decided to become Damon & Naomi, with Naomi doing the vocal, and released on Playback Singers. It can be bought on the Sub Pop Years compilation.

Next up a couple of videos of sumemry tunes - first Galaxie 500 live at The Kennel Club in 1990…

Galaxie 500 - Summertime

… and Dean & Britta performing a Take Away Show…

Dean & Britta - The Sun is Still Sunny

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