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Unbeknownst to Everett True (or at least it was until I tweeted him and told him so) he probably played a significant part in the very existence of A Head Full of Wishes. When Galaxie 500 split in 1991 I was pretty much the only Galaxie 500 fan I knew and it was only the writing of ET that made me aware that other folk missed them as much as I did. Without that reassurance I'm pretty certain that I might not have bothered to create this web site in 1994 (and the mailing list the following year).

ET has just made Galaxie 500 his Song of the Day on the excellent (and wonderfully inflammatory) blog "Music That I Like"

The bass was pure 'Ceremony'-era Joy Division, of course, and nothing wrong with that. The drums were as responsive as I'd yet to witness in a rock band. The guitar solos increased the feeling of distance, of loneliness. The lyrics... well, I never could quite get my head around their pleasing mundaneness. I always figured they had to be something more (and even to this day remain unconvinced that they're not).

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