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Galaxie 500 reissue reviews round up

Lots of love around for the Galaxie 500 reissues - here's what I've found so far - please feel free to add more in the comments (or email me).

Mark Richardson on Pitchfork - Today 9.5; On Fire 10.0; This Is Our Music 8.3

It's not that there isn't plenty of good music in this vein being made. It's that one band, 20 years ago, did this sound so well and with so much personality, they set a difficult standard for newcomers to meet.

Alexis Petridis in The Guardian - Today/On Fire/This Is Our Music *****

That said, no one really sounded like Galaxie 500 at the time. If they didn't appear as bafflingly other as their contemporaries Pixies [...] they still seemed alien compared to their peers.

Suitcase Orchestra

Their music was as fiery as anything that was coming out of Seattle at the time but its power was expressed gently – a breeze can do anything a hurricane can, it just takes a little while longer.

Gemma Alver on Virgin - 8/10

Despite recent efforts to emulate sounds of bands like Galaxie 500, others end up sounding like they did it on purpose.

Dom Gourlay on Contact Music - Today 9/10; On Fire 9/10; This Is Our Music 9/10

'Decomposing Trees' is quite possibly one of the most haunting pieces of music ever committed to tape, tenor sax coda and all.

Alex Hegazy on Drowned in Sound - Today 8/10; On Fire 8/10; This Is Our Music 9/10

Contained within this full set of Galaxie 500’s outputtings is a force stronger than you might realise.

A.Tzikas on ALTsounds

deep washes of reverb drenched guitar jangle and basic, almost skeletal arrangements of bass and drums that twinned with Warehams wavering, wailing, woeful and sometimes heart-breaking raw vocal create not so much ‘dreampop’ as an entire dream world

Mike Barnes on BBC Music

With the help of producer Kramer, the songs sound slightly distanced, which has the effect of drawing in the listener to meet them halfway.