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GALAXIE 500 have split after guitarist/vocalist Dean Wareham quit unexpectedly. All band commitments, including a June tour of Japan, have been cancelled. The break-up occurred when the band returned from a successful tour of the States with Cocteau Twins.

Drummer Damon Krukowski told the Maker, "One day we were planning for a tour of Japan, and the next day he just quit. It was a big surprise for me and Naomi".

According to Krukowski, Wareham left because he felt the band had "become more like a job than a hobby". The split came at a time when Galaxie 500 were, according to Krukowski, doing well and putting more energy into their work. This success had led to Columbia approaching the band about a US distribution deal. But it seems it was this which triggered Wareham's departure.

Wareham, who had been thinking of leaving the band for some time, said: "A couple of major record labels were ready to talk to us and if I had stayed with the band, I would have to keep my plans to leave secret for a long time".

Wareham has been writing with a view to recording material with a new band. Krukowski and bassist Naomi Yang are still "in shock" and have decided to ditch the band name. In the meantime they release an EP in June on Rough Trade. It was a separate project, recorded in January at a time when Wareham wanted a "break from recording". It's titled "Pierre Etoile" and, ironically, was a comment about the pointlessness of a solo career. It features three tracks, "In The Sun", "l 969" and "This Car Climbed Mount Washington".

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