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Outdoor Miner


  • Title: Outdoor Miner
  • Written by: Lewis/Newman
  • Original by: Wire


no blind spots in the leopard's eyes
could ever hope to jeopardize
the lives of lambs
the shepherd cries

an afterlife for a silverfish
eternal dust, less ticklish
than a clean room
a houseguest's wish

he lies on his side
is he trying to hide
in fact it's the earth
which he's known since birth

face worker, a serpentine miner
a roof falls, an underliner
of leaf structure
the egg timer

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Played live

by Luna

This is collected from set list data which is incomplete

18th November 1994 Tramps, New York NY, USA
Luna setlist
11th November 1995 Knitting Factory, New York NY, USA
Luna setlist
13th November 1997 El Sol, Madrid, Spain
Luna setlist
19th April 2015 Teatre de Lloseta, Lloseta, Mallorca, Spain, Mallorca, Spain
Luna setlist
20th April 2015 Teatro Lara, Madrid, Spain
Luna setlist poster
20th January 2017 The Chapel, San Francisco, CA, USA
Luna setlist poster
18th January 2023 Tractor Tavern, Seattle, WA, USA
Luna Luna play Lunafied setlist