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#137: Galaxie 500 - Copenhagen (promo CD)

This is an advance CD of Galaxie 500’s live album Copenhagen that was sent to me in March 1997 by Andrea at Rykodisc ahead of it’s release. I covered this previously in my Artefacts series a few years ago so, once again, expect a bit of a rehash.

Galaxie 500 - Copenhagen (advance CD)
Galaxie 500 - Copenhagen (advance CD)

It came with a brief press note with all the flowery language you’d expect:

This spectacular performance shimmers with the finesse that characterized their 3 studio albums, but adds the unsuspected power of their live show.

Rykodisc Advance CD press note (March 1997)

I also saw Damon & Naomi for the first time that month and I asked Damon about the live album “I always liked that tape” he said.

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 10/008
  • Artist: Galaxie 500
  • Title: Copenhagen
  • Notes: Advance promo CD
  • Packaging: Card sleeve and shrink-wrap
  • Format: CD
  • Buy ‘Copenhagen’ on Bandcamp

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