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#136: Dean & Britta - Quarantine Tapes (CD)

This is the third appearance of Dean & Britta’s Quarantine Tapes in this series, this is the CD version that has two more tracks than the LP (Air and Ride Into The Sun) and includes The Carnival is Over, that wasn’t in the lathe-cut box set although had been released as a lathe-cut on its own.

Dean & Britta - Quarantine Tapes (CD)
Dean & Britta - Quarantine Tapes (CD)

On the LP I’m So Bored With The USA is at the end of side A and segues into The Carnival is Over but fades before it gets going. The Carnival is Over then opens side B. Oddly on the CD the fade out and re-start happens rather than just letting them run together. I suspect because the version of The Carnival is Over wasn’t the one played after I’m So Bored…, but it does feel a bit strange to fade it out and then start it again - it sort of made sense flipping over the LP but is just odd on the CD.

Oh, actually I just noticed the sleeve notes make it clear which are the live tracks, just six of them… I sort of had assumed it was more.

Massachusetts, I'm So Bored With The USA, Drive, Most of The Time, Indian Summer, 23 Minutes in Brussels recorded live, May-June 2020.

Quarantine Tapes sleeve notes

I sort of love the sleeve, as I might have mentioned before that I’m a bit cool on Brian Calvin’s lips, but I do like the layout and typography used, and the picture of Dean and Britta on the back is lovely.

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