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#129: Luna - Romantica (promo CD)

This is the promo CD of Romantica that Dean sent me ahead of release, it comes in a simple card sleeve with the same cover as the released version but with the statement “Promotional copy. Not for sale.” printed along the bottom. The reverse has the track listing at the top, and the words “Spring 2002” in the centre.

Luna - Romantica promo CD
Luna - Romantica promo CD

I also recieved, I guess at the same time, a handful of stickers with the Romantica artwork, one was signed by Dean for my son, he was four at the time so I looked after it for him… I still am looking after it.

I still don’t listen to Romantica as much as the other albums, although this is the third (and not the last) time for this series.

I like the story behind Renee is Crying

Renee, our ex-manager, was annoyed about this song title. She felt sure that people would think the song was about her, But it wasn't. I had clipped a story from a back issue of Life magazine that I found at a flea market, a story about astronauts' wives. Scott was an astronaut, and Renee (sic) was his wife. The Life magazine headline read AS SCOTT GOES UP... RENEE IS CRYING.

Dean Wareham - Black Postcards

I’m guessing it must be this issue of Life but I can’t find the headline quote Dean mentions but here is Rene, as Scott goes up, and she does look like she might be crying!?

Life - 1st June 1962
Life - 1st June 1962

From my brief bit of Googling Rene seems to have been an interesting woman, here’s her obit from The New York Times.

Since there haven’t been enough cat pics in the series here’s our much missed Penny posing with some Romantica promo material

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