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Dean & Britta's L'avventura for Record Store Day

Tomorrow (Saturday 20th April) is Record Store Day, and your chance to get the deluxe edition of Dean & Britta’s debut album, L’avventura.

The album was produced by Tony Visconti and the RSD release will also include the tracks remixed by Sonic Boom on the Sonic Souvenirs EP and the tracks from the 2006 Words You Used to Say single.

Dean & Britta - L'avventura
Dean & Britta - L'avventura

The album will be avilable only through record shops on Record Store Day, which this year will be on 20th April. The RSD website has a list of participating shops it will probably be worthwhile getting in touch with your retailer of choice to ensure they’ll be getting a copy.

Details of the release and a full tracklisting can be found on the RSD website.