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#119: The Pastels - Mobile Safari (CD)

Mobile Safari was The Pastels third album and was released in early 1995. It was the first of two (so far) albums by The Pastels that Dean has contributed to -

The Pastels - Mobile Safari (CD)
The Pastels - Mobile Safari (CD)

As with their next album Illumination, there are no clues as to what songs Dean can be heard on and since the album has SEVEN people credited as playing guitar on the album I’m not ready to take any guesses!

The seven credited guitarists are..

  • The Pastels
    • Stephen
    • Aggi
    • Katrina
  • “Midcore”
    • David Keegan
    • Gerard Love
  • “Atmosphere”
    • Norman Blake
    • Dean Wareham

Aside: many years ago I saw a Blue Aeroplanes gig where there were that many, possibly more, guitarists on stage at one time!

Anyway - it’s a great album, in my post on Illumination I decided that it was my fave album but suspect that in reality my fave album by The Pastels is the last one I listened to that was one of Mobile Safari, Illumination or Slow Summits (I do like their earlier couple too but I’m not sure they ever overtake these three).

So… The Pastels… I’m talking to you now, don’t you think that eleven years is probably a long enough wait for another album?

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 10/138
  • Artist: The Pastels
  • Title: Mobile Safari
  • Notes:
  • Packaging: Jewel case
  • Format: CD
  • Bought, about the time of release, for whatever CDs cost then.

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