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#112: Britta Phillips - Luck or Magic (LP)

This is the replacement copy of Luck or Magic that Britta sent me after my first arrived damaged

Britta - Luck of Magic
Britta - Luck of Magic

I love that the sleeve doesn’t have the artist’s name on it, and that it’s been signed “Britta” - I love that for this album she’s just a first name, like “Cher” or “Madonna”!

I didn’t really talk about the album last time so here’s a quick track-by-track blast…

  • Daydream is a track that pre-dates Britta’s time with Luna, or perhaps from her early days with Luna, since she had a demo posted on her website in 2000:
  • Do It Last has a lovely/strange breathy-keyboard solo going into the bridge.
  • One Fine Summer Morning was originally recorded by Evie Sands for her lovely 1968 album Any Way That You Want Me.
  • Million Dollar Doll first turned up on the soundtrack of the Noah Baumbach film Frances Ha as instrumental background music in a bar scene. A vocal version was then included on what seems to be a very rare, promo only, soundtrack album credited to Dean & Britta - I scrounged a copy of the track from Britta:

It was quite a last minute request to have the song on the soundtrack so it’s kind of a rough mix. I still might put it on my solo “thing.” Maybe give it a fresh mix.