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#020: Britta Phillips - Luck or Magic (LP)

This is the first of two copies of Britta’s lovely Love or Magic LP - this is the first one that arrived with a scratch at the beginning of side one - I complained… I don’t always bother but… it was a pretty bad scratch. Britta sent me a new copy, and thankfully didn’t expect the return of the old one so… I have two copies.

Britta Phillips - Luck or Magic (LP)†
Britta Phillips - Luck or Magic (LP)†

The price of all these big orders shipped from the US is rather making my eyes water - I paid $91 for a Britta signed super bundle - which included a CD, an LP and a T-shirt… I think that was all. I was very tempted by the Bang Bang lathe cut single but decided I couldn’t justify the price for a one-track single (that being a lathe cut would possibly sound a bit underwhelming). Britta kindly shared a WAV of the song on Dean & Britta’s patreon… which I’m sure sounded better! Still do kind of regret it though.

Actually I suspect it was the $91 that triggered me into complaining about the scratch!

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 12/002
  • Artist: Britta Phillips
  • Title: Luck or Magic
  • Notes: Signed. White vinyl.
  • Packaging:
  • Format: LP
  • Bought via Britta’s Pledgemusic in a $91 package!
  • Buy ‘Luck or Magic’ on Bandcamp

† I decided to photo the inner sleeve because 1) the outer sleeve will turn up later and, 2) I think I like it better!