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#096: Luna - Time / Egg Nog (red vinyl)

So, most of the posts in this series have been selected randomly, the exceptions are the recent acquisitions posts which turn up when they come into my possession; and, because it would have seemed odd blogging about Christmas when it wasn’t Christmas, I’ve scheduled some seasonal posts for during the festive season.

Luna - Time / Egg Nog (red vinyl)
Luna - Time / Egg Nog (red vinyl)

So… is Luna’s Time / Egg Nog single a Christmas single?

  • PRO: It was released around Christmas in 1992.
  • CON: It was a promo so wasn’t in the shops, so you couldn’t buy it as a pressie!
  • PRO: It was released in green and red vinyl editions - the two most Christmassy colours!
  • CON: Time isn’t really Christmassy at all - “the summer is now past” - so maybe an autumn song?
  • PRO: “Egg Nog” is a Christmas drink - not really so much in the UK though.
  • PRO: Egg Nog makes abudant use of sleigh bells - the most Christmassy instrument!
  • CON: Egg Nog is an instrumental so no Christmassy lyrics about bearded gents or sleigh rides or having a simply wonderful time!
  • CON: Luna have played Egg Nog live all year round.
  • PRO: The label has the words “Merry Christmas from Luna²” written on it… on both sides!?
  • CON: Egg Nog is the b-side.

Dean once described Egg Nog as “one of the best things we ever put to tape”, see what you think:

And here’s Luna playing it… in September… without sleigh bells!

This is the red vinyl copy and I think I probably bought it on eBay a few years back.

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 11/003
  • Artist: Luna
  • Title: Time / Egg Nog
  • Notes: Red vinyl promo
  • Packaging: Generic Elektra paper bag
  • Format: 7”