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Recent acquisition #04: Dean Wareham - Live at St Pancras Old Church December 2013

The always fab Sonic Cathedral have just released Dean Wareham’s Live at St Pancras Old Church on vinyl, having previously released it in 2014 on cassette.

Dean Wareham live at St Pancras Old Church x 3
Dean Wareham live at St Pancras Old Church x 3

This entry will cover three rows in my collection spreadsheet becuase I’ve already written about one cassette version and have another one at some point in the future. Since I have three copies of the LP recently acquired it would be a bit hard on you (and me) to cover them three times!

“Three copies!?” I hear you say, “is he mad!?”

Well, “yes” is probably the answer, but, I’d better explain - so here are some bullet point facts to try and explain my madness.

  • I was at the shows that make up this live album, so you can hear me cheering. Well you would if I ever actually cheered at gigs. You can probably hear me applauding enthusiastically!
  • They were a couple of my favourite shows, the venue was great, the circumstances were unique.
  • My son Adam also came along. I think this was his first time seeing Dean live (not counting a soundcheck at on over 18s show when he was under 18). He was 16 for this one but … no age restriction to get into a church! He may have been more thrilled at being backstage with Sonic Boom.
  • Nat at Sonic Cathedral sent me a test pressing when the album was announced a couple of months back, so … copy #1 - AHFOW 12/095
  • There is a limited edition Bandcamp exclusive in gold vinyl so I sort of had to have that. So … copy #2 - AHFOW 12/096
  • The record stores have a red/green vinyl version.
  • Adam, since he was there, wanted a copy so I have bought him the red/green copy to look after! So … copy #3 - AHFOW 12/097
  • OK, I had actually ordered that one before he said he wanted a copy! And it is currently in my possession!

So, I have three copies on vinyl, and two on cassette. So just five copies (so far) - still a way to go to catch up with “On Fire”.

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 12/095-0097
  • Artist: Dean Wareham
  • Title: Live at St Pancras Old Church December 2013
  • Notes: Test pressing, gold vinyl, red/green vinyl
  • Format: 2xLP - well, one and a half times vinyl and the unneeded side four has a lovely old map of St Pancras (except on the test pressing).
  • Bought
    • Test pressing sent to me by Nat
    • Gold vinyl from Bandcamp for £35
    • Red/green vinyl from Norman Records for £29.99
  • Buy ‘Live at St Pancras Old Church December 2013’ on Bandcamp

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