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Video: Another live Galaxie 500 video

Following on from the earlier post ‘The Cassette Converter’ has shared another Galaxie 500 video from an unknown date and venue. The sound is fairly good, the video is very rough.

Galaxie 500 - Live, VHS Rip, Unknown Venue, Unknown Date

If anyone has any clues as to the date of the venue please shout!

Here’s my half-baked analysis.

  • Short setlist and Dean mentions that Kramer is coming on stage at 8:59 - which is early so probably a support slot?
  • No songs from This Is Our Music - so probably early 1990 at the latest?
  • Kramer joins them on stage for the last two songs - Victory Garden and Ceremony.
  • I know that Kramer was on the tour supporting The Sundays in early 1990, and he was joining them on-stage for Ceremony.
  • Kramer was also on the co-headliner with Straitjacket Fits in Europe, so… could also be that??
  • I think Naomi has the same leggings on as she does at the ICA show in 1989

My money’s on it being from the tour with The Sundays - but more based on guesswork and not any real evidence.

Update: 29th November 2023
Damon posted on Twitter:

Agree it seems like when the EP came out with Ceremony so I’d guess Sundays tour in the UK - the stage looks like a university to me…

Update: 4th December 2023
Turns out this wasn’t new - but in fact the show from Leicester that I posted about here ten years ago!!