Video: Galaxie 500 with Kramer in 1990

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Galaxie 500
Dean Wareham of Galaxie 500 - Leicester 1990 (photo Greg Neate))

Sometime over the Easter weekend A Head Full of Wishes reached 1000 likes on Facebook - not that I'm one to put too much store by the numbers but it did seem worth a little nod... only I wasn't ready with anything (the last 5 likes came quicker than the previous 15!). So I hastily popped a couple of videos on YouTube from a Galaxie 500 show that was shared on Dimeadozen a few months back.

The show is from Leicester in 1990 on the tour where they were supporting The Sundays. Here's Dean summoning Kramer to the stage for a cover of Red Krayola's Victory Garden, and then Joy Division's Ceremony.