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#090: Dean & Britta / Sand Pebbles split single

This 7” is split with Australian band Sand Pebbles and was limited to 300 copies to be sold at dates on their 2011 Australian tour. Dean & Britta’s side contains a Sonic Boom remix of I’ll Keep it With Mine, possibly the only place this is available?

Dean & Britta / Sand Pebbles split single
Dean & Britta / Sand Pebbles split single

The single has an unmarked white label, with the artists names scratched into the run-off grooves. The sleeve is a simple wrap around one, with a lovely pic of Britta in a furry hat.

Dean sent me the single on their return from the tour and it’s signed in silver by both of them . The single arrived with some handwritten setlists that Dean was going to throw out until Britta suggested I might like them - she was not wrong. Setlists these days get nabbed before the lights have gone up, so rather surprised they had some sitting around!

The Sand Pebbles side has the excellent Occupied Europe (Take Me Across The Water). Here’s Sand Pebbles covering Luna’s 23 Minutes in Brussels from a couple of years earlier.

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 11/039
  • Artist: Dean & Britta / Sand Pebbles
  • Title: I’ll Keep it With Mine (Sonic Boom Remix) / Occupied Europe (Take Me Across The Water)
  • Notes: Tour single from Dean & Britta’s 2011 tour of Australia and New Zealand
  • Packaging: Wrap around sleeve in a poly bag
  • Format: 7”
  • Sent to me by Dean