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#089: Luna - Lovedust (promo CD)

Luna’s Lovedust was released as a CD by Beggars Banquet but only as a promo. It came in a simple card sleeve with a different one of Steve Ellis’s lighter paintings on the sleeve than the one that had been used on Romantica.

Luna - Lovedust (promo CD)
Luna - Lovedust (promo CD)

There are two videos for Lovedust, one set in an art gallery. The art gallery has, as well as pictures that are video grabs, some more of the lighter paintings on the walls.

Galaxie 500 Mailing List member Nate turned up for the video shoot (with beer) and can be seen in the video “look for the nerd kid with the glasses and the mop top”.

I went to their video shoot for Lovedust. Great stuff. Cool to see the whole process, and everybody was all in quite the jovial mood (we brought beer with us). The museum set up was cool, they are the artwork and Dean was our tour guide around the museum, showing us (and the band) these painting and sculptures.

Lovedust video screen captures
Lovedust video screen captures

The second video Lee sent to me on a CDR with a few other bits of Luna memorabilia. I’m sure I should have a better version of this but haven’t managed to track it down so, apologies for the crappy quality.

I’m sending you a music video for Lovedust, directed and edited by Martina Broner. Produced back in ‘02, it contains rare footage shot in the studio during the Romantica sessions, as well as live, soundcheck, and backstage shots. I thought you might like to have it for your archives.

The first time I uploaded it to YouTube it was pulled down and I had a strike against my account (I’d even asked Lee if I could post it) - thankfully YouTube have mostly got over that sledgehammery way of dealing with copyright infringement.

While I’m posting links to low-res video here’s a nice, but tiny, clip of Luna performing lovedust on the sofa for Spin - when I posted this a few years back Britta said that none of them have any recollection of ever doing this :)

I’m not entirely sure how I got this promo CD - I did ask on the mailing list if anyone had seen a copy, and one had turned up in Sister Ray, but I never got that one. I think Dean suggested I get in touch with Beggars, so maybe I did manage to scrounge one. Or someone sent it to me.

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 10/041
  • Artist: Luna
  • Title: Lovedust
  • Notes: Beggard Banquet promo
  • Packaging: Card sleeve
  • Format: CDR