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Live Bewitched and Live Rendezvous vinyl releases

Earlier in the year Bandbox announced a double LP release of Luna’s Live Penthouse set (previously a digital only release), they have now announced that they will also be releasing the ‘Live Bewitched’ and ‘Live Rendezvous’ sets as double LPs.

Live Rendezvous and Bewitched
Live Rendezvous and Bewitched

All three were recorded over three consecutive nights at The Chapel in San Francisco in January 2017 and each comes with extra live tracks to fill out each two LP set.

Live Bewitched will come in “white swirl” vinyl and the bonus tracks are Anesthesia and Bobby Peru.

Live Rendezvous will come in “whiskey smoke” vinyl and the bonus tracks are Fuzzy Wuzzy, Outdoor Miner, and Season of the Witch.

The limited edition LPs are $43.99 each, or $74 for two, or $110 for three available direct from Bandbox. If you’ve already ordered Penthouse you can get in touch with Bandbox (email link) to get your discount.

You will also recieve a copy of a Bandbox fanzine which will include interviews and photos (and, apparently, “more”).