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#039: Luna Live LP

I’ve written about how this copy of Luna Live came into my life before – more than once… but I guess it’s probably due another outing so apologies if you’ve heard all this before…

Luna Live LP
Luna Live LP

At the beginning of 2001 Luna played a stack of dates in NYC and Hazel and myself flew over for a weekend and caught a couple of shows. I had a few left over copies of Dear Paulina I was giving to the band so I arranged to meet Dean backstage before the first show to hand them over.

All went well and I was given a freebie “Luna Live” CD, but something possessed me to be really cheeky and ask if he had any vinyl. “Not with me” he said “but here’s my phone number, ring me tomorrow”.

So the next morning I rang, and Dean said “come over to my apartment” - now I wanted a neutral territory but couldn’t really say no - so Hazel and myself walked over to Dean’s place and were invited up…

Present were…

Dean, Claudia (then wife), Jack (very young child probably 3), a fairly large dog, and a man - who I decided had been called over because “Dean’s gone and invited some Internet nutter over will you come over just in case he brings an axe”.

Now that February in NYC was bloody cold but Dean’s appartment was insanely hot - I was back then (if you haven’t seen the pictures) a touch overweight and fat blokes and hot rooms produce sweat - and sweat and shiny furniture are a potentially huge embarrassment - so I perched myself carefully on the vinyl sofa trying not to sweat (using will power alone) and we all sat in an uncomfortable near silence while we had a cup of tea.

As soon as I dared I suggested that we probably should leave - Dean pulled out this copy of Luna Live and signed it for me, as well as a stack of posters and more records to give me - and we left. It was probably the longest 10 minutes of my life.

I have no idea if I left a large sweaty arse-print on the sofa - I didn’t dare look!

Fat bloke on the subway, February 2001
Fat bloke on the subway, February 2001
  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 12/051
  • Artist: Luna
  • Title: Luna Live
  • Notes: Signed
  • Packaging:
  • Format: Double LP
  • Given to me by Dean