Soundtrack for 'Never Be a Punching Bag...' out today

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The soundtrack album for Naomi Yang’s film Never Be A Punching Bag for Nobody is available now to stream/buy from Bandcamp and to stream in, I suspect, all the usual places (e.g. Spotify).

Never Be a Punching Bag for Nobody
Never Be a Punching Bag for Nobody

There will be a listening party for the soundtrack on the 1st May at the Crystal Ballroom in Somerville, MA at 8pm with Naomi in attendance and, according to the IFF Boston website, available to “sign the soundtrack” - which suggests it will exist in some physical form? I just checked with Naomi and there will be some home-made CDR copies - some of which will make it to Bandcamp.

This is Naomi’s first solo release and is a beautiful and gentle electronic score with added analog atmosphere. As an album it stands alone beautifully, which will have to do for me until the film reaches somewhere I can see it. If, however, you’re close enough to Cambridge MA you can see the film at the Brattle Theatre as part of the Boston Independent Film Festival on Sunday 30th April.