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#014: Damon & Naomi - Pierre Etoile (CD)

Another copy of Pierre Etoile already. This was the re-release on Spanish label Elefant that came out in 1997 and unlike the first release this was actually credited to Damon & Naomi rather than Pierre Etoile - I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed that D&N decided to not persist with Pierre Etoile - there was something a little more mysterious about it. But, maybe when you’re trying to sell records it doesn’t pay to be coy about who you are?

Damon & Naomi - Pierre Etoile (Elefant CD)
Damon & Naomi - Pierre Etoile (Elefant CD)

I can’t find where and when I bought this - although it was pretty late on because I did buy the EP from iTunes in 2010 so I assume I didn’t have a CD copy then. I also bought a copy via Bandcamp in 2017 - shocking that I’ve even been doubling up my downloads. I kind of hope Hazel doesn’t read this and find out how much I’ve been spending on music I already own! Although… she probably already has some idea!

I’ve always been slightly disappointed in the sleeve of this issue - probably because I loved the sleeve of the original so much. But, looking at it now I do rather like the design even if the sleeve photograph is a little… uninspired.

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