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New Damon & Naomi album, A Sky Record, coming in August

Damon & Naomi - A Sky Record
Damon & Naomi - A Sky Record

Damon & Naomi have just released details of their new album A Sky Record. The album will be released digitally and as a booklet/download package on 6th August.

Every audio format has its strengths and weaknesses… but those without liner notes are really missing out. We thought we’d take advantage of the persistence of physical media for words and images and print a booklet to accompany what will be, inevitably, a digital album for many.

The accompanying booklet A Sky Record Companion has essays by Damon and Naomi and contributions from Jarvis Cocker, Soichiro Nakamura, Michio Kurihara, Susanne Sasic, Richard Youngs and Lindsay Zoladz.

The booklet can be pre-ordered now over at Damon & Naomi’s Bandcamp.

The album was announced and introduced in a lovely video made with, and at, The Peabody Essex Museum and can be viewed over on their YouTube now - it contains live performances of a number of songs on the album interspersed with interviews discussing the making of the record and the influence of the pandemic on it.