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Home, where my music's playing

Forgive me this indulgence…

I was born about 8 miles away from where I’ve spent the last 27 years of my life, but since Monday I’ve no longer been calling London my home. Hazel and I had always planned to leave at some point but now that point is here it feels very strange.

I’ll never stop being a Londoner, but it’s time to start a new adventure somewhere else - and that somewhere else is about 290 miles from where I was born! Newcastle-upon-Tyne is almost as far from London as you can be yet still be in an English city and we’re headed a (very) few miles further on from there.

So, here are some songs about (or just mentioning) leaving, moving or home - just because.

Home is made for comin’ from, for dreams of going to

So ride me to the station and I’ll be on my way, there’s a greyhound goin’ somewhere and I just want to say I’m leavin’