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Everything's Swirling #2 - a fanzine commemorating the end of Galaxie 500

Everything's Swirling #2
Everything's Swirling #2

On Monday it will be the 30th anniversary of Galaxie 500’s last show - three days later a phone call brought it all to a sad end. So, it seemed time to publish issue #2 of Everything’s Swirling.

I opened the Melody Maker in the first week of May 1991 to the news that Galaxie 500 had split after “guitarist/vocalist Dean Wareham quit unexpectedly” - to be honest I don’t really remember noticing what was written, I don’t think I picked up on the undercurrent of bitterness in that news item. I maybe just noticed that headline, and that first sentence.

I think I was just sad that a band that I loved could do this to me. My past had seen me drifting away from my music loves - this was the first time one had been torn away from me. This was them breaking up with me, not me breaking up with them. Perhaps selfishly all I felt was my hurt. How could they do this to ME!

This is the second edition of Everything’s Swirling - the first celebrated the 30th anniversary of the band’s birth - it seemed only right to commemorate the 30th anniversary of its demise. To bookend the fans-eye view of Galaxie 500.

The fanzine is 12 pages of idle reminiscence, some art, some stories, and, at the centrepiece (and centre pages), Dan Pearson’s photos of Galaxie 500’s last show. Each copy will come with a couple of postcards - and I think I have some stickers left over from This Music Is Ours. No badges this time because they push the envelopes into the next postage bracket and I’m trying to keep this at a reasonable price for everyone.

Limited to just 50 copies worldwide and priced at just £3 they’ll be put on sale in two batches on Friday 2nd April on the AHFoW Bandcamp page.

  • 25 copies at 9am (BST - which should be convenient for the UK, Europe and Australia)
  • 25 copies at 4pm (BST - which’ll hopefully be better suited for those in the US)

Price will be:

  • UK - £3 + £1 postage = £4
  • EU - £3 + £2 postage = £5
  • ROW - £3 + £3 postage = £6