Everything's Swirling - a Galaxie 500 30th birthday fanzine

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On the 29th August 1987 Galaxie 500 played their first ever show in a flat in New York City. Everything's Swirling is a limited edition fanzine to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this event.


The 32 page booklet is limited to 100 copies and includes articles, photographs, art and memorabilia by fans from all over the world. It will come with a numbered, hand printed, and hand-stamped sleeve, and will include a badge (button) and a high quality photograph of the band in either London in 1989 or Frankfurt in 1990 (most 15cm x 10cm but a few random issues will have larger 21cm x 14cm photos)

Ordering information

Orders will be limited to one copy per person, prices are in UK£ so that I can keep track of sales, and will cost (including postage):

  • UK: £5
  • EU: £7 (currently €7.67)
  • Rest of the world (incl US): £8 (currently US$10.31 or AUS$13)

Google should be able to tell you how much that will be in your local currency.

Sorry it's a wee bit pricier than I'd have liked but postage and not making too much of a loss were mitigating factors!

The fanzine is now all sold out - thanks so much to everyone who bought one - I am utterly overwhelmed! Most have been posted out and the rest will be on their way on Monday - please feel free to say nice things and Tweet of Instagram pictures of you reading and thumbs-upping when they arrive (and wear those badges with pride)!

Sorry if you missed out - you'll just have to be extra quick on the button in ten years time for the 40th anniversary fanzine!

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