Artefacts #028: Kitten Frenzy no.2

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Kitten Frenzy no.2 cover
Kitten Frenzy no.2 cover

The fantastic fanzine Kitten Frenzy was the work of fab Glasgow band Urusei Yatsura’s Graham Kemp. Issue no. 2 was released in Winter 1993 and had a lovely obituary of Galaxie 500

Farewell then old friend. Though you will be sorely missed, yet there is still time to place vinyl under the needle and drink a cup of Ovaltine to the comforting, comfortless sound of Galaxie 500. I love you.
– Kitten Frenzy no.2

It also had a sweet Galaxie 500 painting by numbers where Damon’s hair was the colour mousy and Naomi’s shorts were the colour dinosaur

Kitten Frenzy no.2 - Galaxie 500
Kitten Frenzy no.2 - Galaxie 500

I’m not sure how this came into my collection (I certainly didn’t buy it at the time) so suspect some kind soul sent me this ~ if it was you thanks, and sorry for not remembering!

I took the opportunity of reprinting (with permission) these in the Everything’s Swirling ‘zine in 2017.

Everything's Swirling - 2017
Everything's Swirling - 2017

I am planning an issue #2 of Everything’s Swirling for April - if anyone has any thoughts, art, pictures, cartoons, comics, limericks or words relating to the end of Galaxie 500 please give me a shout.

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