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Document: Net, Blogs and Rock 'n' Roll

cover of the book Net, Blogs and Rock 'n' Roll

A while ago AHFoW was sort of featured in a book, Net, Blogs and Rock ‘n’ Roll by David Jennings - the world has moved on a lot since 2007 but David’s book is still an insightful and interesting read and a snapshot of the world trying to come to terms with music in the digital age - something that it is still struggling with 14 years on!

I’ve told this story before but this time I’m telling it with a PDF - not of the whole book - just the chapter that involves me - you can probably find the book for peanuts if you want a copy (or look around here).

Anyway – here’s what I wrote last time…

The author of the book, David Jennings , has been a member of the Galaxie 500 mailing list for a number of years, and being one of the few list members from London is one of the select members I've met in person more than once. About a year ago David mentioned that he was writing a book and asked if he could interview me for it, I obviously answered "yes" although I wasn't entirely sure just what I had to offer.

We met in the Crown and Sceptre in Shepherds Bush, had a couple of drinks and just chatted. It never seemed like an "interview" more of a chat with someone I felt comfortable chatting with. I cycled home afterwards trying to figure out how anything I'd said could be considered of interest to anyone. A few weeks later David had written the interview into a chapter of a book and sent the chapter to me to check the facts. Chapter 3 is my chapter which discusses fan communities and uses The Galaxie 500 mailing list and A Head Full of Wishes as its example.

David has written up that interview more fully on his blog.

So here then is my chapter

Your browser doesn't supporting embedded pdf files. You can download the file here.

ohhh... shhh (pdf, 0.8 MB)