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25 years ago - Luna in London

Luna 1995
Luna 1995

Twenty five years ago today Luna played The Garage in London. This isn’t just the anniversary of a show - it’s the anniversary of A Head Full of Wishes finding itself out in the real world!

In 1995 photography was analog and almost nobody took photos at gigs so I’ve never seen any of this show. People did record gigs though and a couple of weeks after the show someone (can’t remember who, sorry) sent me a recording - you can download the whole show here

A Head Full of Wishes (as a mailing list and website) had been running for about a year by then but this was the first show where I met internet friends in real life. I’m not a particularly social person but somehow in-the-flesh meetings with A Head Full of Wishes friends sort of pulls me out of that shell - and this was the first time I was pulled!

First up Trenton introduced himself to me in the queue outside the venue - I don’t think I handled this as well as I ought but, while I knew people I’d interacted with online where going to be there I didn’t really expect any to talk to me. So Trenton caught me off guard!

Next up Lauren, in the venue, who tried to convince me to speak to Dean after the show. I didn’t. It was a couple more years and a few more shows before I was brave enough to do that.

I thought I’d first spoken to Paul that night but a diary entry I came across recently suggests that I first met him at a Damon & Naomi show at the 12 Bar.

I think most times I’ve seen Luna they’ve finished the night with Indian Summer - here they are finishin that night in that way:

I’ve met lots of folk since, and lots of folk have met lots of other folk who aren’t me since. At least one couple that I know of started their relationship on the mailing list. I’ve met people in France, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, and the USA.

This year I’ve met none of them (actually I did sit in a churchyard in Hammersmith, with a mask on chatting to Andrew so… maybe one!).

Lets hope 2021 is when we can get this show back on the road!