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Galaxie 500 - Copenhagen online listening party with Damon Krukowski

Galaxie 500 - Copenhagen Twitter listening party
Galaxie 500 - Copenhagen Twitter listening party

On Thursday evening, ahead of Galaxie 500’s Copenhagen arriving on vinyl for the first time on Saturday, (Damon Krukowski @dada_drummer) will be on Twitter listening to the album and chatting/commenting on it - and answering questions.

The online listening party will be hosted by @newburycomics and we’ll all be pressing play at 7PM EDT on Thursday 27th August (that’s midnight in the UK and Portugal and 1am in the rest of western Europe) - follow the hashtag #Galaxie500xNewbury.

Listen along using one of the following methods (or one of your own)

Copenhagen will be hitting your local indie record store of choice in the first of the Record Store Day drops on Saturday - check with your store to find out how they’re managing things in the current climate - some are opening physically while others will be doing online sales only. Good luck.