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Call for submissions - This Is Our Music | 30

Lovely new vinyl This Is Our Music had arrived. Details link in profile #galaxie500 #thisisourmusic #vinyl #lp

OK, I’ve left this a bit late so timescales are a bit short but I think, if I can get enough interest I’d like to do something for the 30th anniversary of This Is Our Music which will be in October.

I’d like a cover version of each track on the album and, if possible a piece of visual art (preferably square or as close to square as possible).

This will be released as a CD(R) and a booklet.

If you’re interested in contributing please give me a shout and suggest which track you might like to cover (it might help if you have a second choice in case the first has already been assigned).

Please NOTE the short timescale - I would like all contributions in by the end of September.

If you can contribute please get in touch - if you know a band or artist who might like to contribute please pass this information on to them.

Track listing

  • Fourth of July
  • Hearing Voices
  • Spook
  • Summertime
  • Way Up High
  • Listen, the Snow Is Falling
  • Sorry
  • Melt Away
  • King of Spain Part Two

This is what was released for On Fire’s 30th last year - still available to buy over on Bandcamp!

On Fire | 30 - deluxe package