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On Fire - side 1, track 3: Snowstorm

Galaxie 500 on Snub TV

The Galaxie 500 survey has been held every year since 1995 and fairly consistently more people from the UK vote for Snowstorm as one of their favourite tracks than from other countries. In last years survey for example 50% of voters from the UK voted for Snowstorm as opposed to just 17% of voters from the US.

I’m in the UK and it’s my favourite Galaxie 500 track.

Gordon McIntyre from Ballboy is in Scotland and on one of the ballboy podcasts he said that Snowstorm was his favourite Galaxie 500 track.

For a short period of time in the late 80s and early 90s non-mainstream music had the chance to get on telly - on The Late Show, or Rapido or Snub TV - these were shows on a national terrestrial TV station (BBC 2).

On 26th January 1990 Galaxie 500 appeared on Snub TV - there was a short interview followed by a particularly awesome live clip of them playing Snowstorm.

Now I have no evidence to back this up but I reckon that the UKs love for Snowstorm was born in the early evening of 26th January 1990 on BBC 2.

There’s a nice Guardian blog post about Snub

As On Fire approaches it’s 30th birthday I thought I’d post a series of posts of randomness about each of the tracks on the album - some from me and some from other fans.