Britta Phillips at L'Olympia, Paris

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After Luna's show in Paris on Wednesday we had a few days to kill before Britta played her support slot for Keren Ann at the legendary Paris venue L'Olympia. Fortunately Paris is a pretty easy place to kill time.

On Thursday part of that time-killing involved meeting up with Dean & Britta for a coffee!

Saturday arrived and somehow we managed to already be cutting things fine. But it would be OK because the Paris Metro was brilliant… only tonight the normal two minute wait was a six minute wait add to that the traditional confusion about which way to walk when we got out of the station, and some (understandably) zealous security at the venue that forced me to queue to check a water bottle - meant that we managed to miss the opening of Britta's set.

Dean & Britta

We were shown to our seats in the stalls and enjoyed what we saw - relieved to have got there for most of the short set. It was a pleasure to see Britta and Dean on a big stage in front of a big, attentive and appreciative audience.


Britta Phillips - I'll Keep It With Mine

Sadly Britta never made it onto L'Olympia marquee

Dean at L'Olympia a few years earlier
Dean at L'Olympia a few years earlier

While @britta_phillips didn't make it onto the marquee or the poster she did make it onto the tickets, and like Cher and Madonna she only needs one name!

Britta - 'Getting nervous'
Britta - 'Getting nervous'

A few more pics on Flickr, including some of Keren Ann's set

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