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Luna cover Motörhead's Killed by Death for the AV Club

Luna covering Killed by Death
Luna covering Killed by Death

Luna have covered the Motorhead track "Killed by Death" for the AV Club's AV Undercover series.

For a few years now the AV Club have been inviting bands to pick a track from an ever-dwindling list of options and Luna had their go recently and picked Motorhead's Killed by Death (over an Erasure track)

Dean: But the Sean said "Let's do the Motorhead song" Sean: Because, I dunno, it'll be more fun to do a more... rocking... song

Now anyone who's read AHFoW for any length of time, or encountered me on Twitter or various other social media over the years, will be only too aware of my past obsession with Motörhead which makes the lead paragraph of this post one of the more amazing things I've ever published.

When Jen posted this to Facebook, I nearly wept with excitement - OK, it's not Motörhead's finest hour - that came a five earlier - and wasn't the classic line-up - but it's Luna, covering Motörhead!

And because I nearly never get the chance to post Motörhead to AHFoW…

OK, I'm off to have a little lie down!