Audio: Galaxie 500 live in Heidelberg in 1989

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A live Galaxie 500 show from Germany in 1989 is currently being shared on bittorrent site Dimeadozen.

Timberlake Tapes - Galaxie 500 in Heidelberg 1989
Timberlake Tapes - Galaxie 500 in Heidelberg 1989

Earlier in the week I was emailed by Frank from Ludwigsburg who had recorded Galaxie 500 at the Schwimmbad in Heidelberg on his Sony Walkman in November of 1989. He shared his excellent recording with me.

Thanks so much to Frank Tewald - Timberlake Tapes - of Ludwigsburg for getting this to me. It fair made my week!

29 November 1989 - Galaxie 500 - Schwimmbad, Heidelberg, Germany


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