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Luna vinyl reissues later in the year 

A set of Lunaparks #cd #lp #cassette #vinyl #ahfow #luna
In an interview to promote Luna's upcoming  show in Portugal next month Dean dropped this little nugget 

We also have a label here that is going to reissue the first five Luna albums on vinyl, later in the year.</p>

Which means there's no longer any need to shell out silly money for that Australian copy of Lunapark, or scouring Discogs for those hard to find copies of Penthouse.

Better start saving your pennies all the same!

The rest of the  interview is also worth checking out of course 

In Luna we were just traveling around insulting each other all the time, in a playful way. It probably gets tiresome, so we will try not to do that. When you have some time away from the band, you calm down and remember that you all liked each other to begin with, why you were friends in the first place.