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I started the originals series on 31 January 2013 so it took me one year and eight months to get through them all... here's a few stats
Covered by Galaxie 500 : 12
Covered by Luna : 21
Covered by Damon & Naomi[1] : 24
Covered by Dean & Britta : 17
Covered by Dean Wareham[2] : 15

Most covered songwriters
Jonathan Richman : 4
Lou Reed : 4 (solo and with the VU - plus a bonus coming down this very page)
John Lennon : 3 (2 solo tracks and one of The Beatles' covers)[3]
Lee Hazelwood : 3

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I generally stuck to tracks that had received an official release, although a few stray ineligible ones slipped through. Here are a couple that didn't but could have:


1: Including Magic Hour

2: Including Cagney and Lacee. Not including the covers on Emancipated Hearts or Dean Wareham as both were released after I started the series.

3: Technically John Lennon also gets a credit on Cheese and Onions

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